Thursday October 15, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the monthly meeting of the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s Board of Directors will be held as a Zoom meeting on Thursday October 15, 2020 beginning at 6:30 p.m.   If interested in linking into the meeting contact the GLEA at and leave an email address that we can send the link to.  





Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.

Roll Call.

General Business:

1.  Approve minutes of August 20 meeting.

2.  Monthly Review Items:

            a. Action on bookkeeper’s Income Statement – August and September  2020.

b. Action on Bookkeeper’s Balance Sheet – August and September  2020.

c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report –August and September 2020.

d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report as of September 2020.

e. Action on Staff Report: 

-Director’s report for Aug, Sept, Oct. 2020


Discussion and possible action on the following Business.

  1.  Fishing Contests

  2.  Clean Boat Clean Waters inspections and Next year.

  3.  2021 shoreline meander SSW survey

  4.  Starry Stonewort management,

    1. Review of hand pulling results.

    2. Group meeting for future strategy.

b.  Trinke lagoon, hand pulling and chemical treatment.

C  Within Geneva Lake.

  1.  Big Foot Creek Watershed Study, final sampling, and report prep.

6.Results, Private Well testing program.

7.  Summary of 2020 CBCW

8.  Summary results of Boat Count

9.  Results of beach testing.

10. Future Zebra mussel studies.

11. GLEA’s future

            a. 2021 budget

            b. GLEA staff.

Commissioner’s Report

Set next meeting date.



Posted: 10/12/20 office and website .

Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

October 15, 2020 

A Zoom GLEA board meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, Thursday August 20, 2020 by acting Chair J. Lovell.


Members Present via Zoom:  M.J. Fesenmaier (LG),  T. O’Neill  J. Lovell ( Wal. Twn.), P. Kenny (Fontana).     

Also present via Zoom:  Ted Peters (director), D. Malmin (Guest). Brad Wilson, (WI DNR warden)

Members Absent: J. McMannamy (WB), R. Pappas (Fontana),

Attempted to attend but could not get in: B. Whiting,( Linn) Weiss (Linn) J. Cavanagh (guest )


General Business:


  1. Motion by P. Kenny  to accept the August 20, 2020 minutes. CU.

    2.  Monthly review items.

       a.  P. Kenny  moved to accept the bookkeeper’s Income statement for August and September                   2020. CU

      b. P. Kenny moved to accept the Balance Sheet for August September 2020.  CU.

             Peters mentioned that the CD worth $20,098.99 was up in November and the best rate                            available was 0.55%.  Motion by P. Kenny to role it over to at 0.55%. CU

     c. The disbursement Report for August and September  were reviewed.

     d. The running total donation report was also reviewed. Peters mentioned that the annual                              mailing donation were starting to come in.

    e.  M. J. Fesenmaier motioned to accept the staff reports. CU.


Discussion and action on Old Business:

1.     Peters introduced B. Wilson who discussed fishing tournaments from a legal  perspective.  He               discussed when and what is required to hold a permit, including number of participants, prizes,           number of boats and species of fish.  He also discussed what is required after the tournament            and the new concept of virtual tournaments.  He did not address impacts on fisheries.  For more         questions he suggested visiting the DNR web site on fishing tournaments at                                               

2.    Peters gave a summary of numbers regarding the Clean Boats Clean Water program on                    Geneva Lake for 2020.  He will be submitting a final report along with closing out the DNR grant             for CBCW.

3.    Peters presented the case to do a shoreline meander survey in 2021 instead of a PI survey.                    Motion by P. Kenny to have Peters explore conducting a lake wide meander survey in 2021 at a             cost not to exceed $5,000. CU.

4.    Peters gave an update on starry stonewort management including an overview of the 2020               hand pulling results, his proposal for a winter meeting of GLEA, DNR and Trinke POA, 2021 Trinke               chemical treatment and hand pulling, and what to do with the lake populations. Depending if             any new populations are found, he recommends focusing on the Trinke lagoon and its outlet               and monitoring the population in 14 ft of water and see what happens. Discussion included                    exploring the possibility of benthic barriers with native plants.

5.   An update on the Big Foot Creek Watershed study was discussed.  A monthly sampling and a            storm sampling remain.  A final report is expected before the year’s end.

6.   The 2020 private well testing is completed.  Results similar as in the past.  No E-coli and no                    nitrate exceedances in any of the 13 wells tested.  

7.  Discussion on CBCW for 2021. M.J. Fesenmaier moved to conduct CBCW boat inspection in 2021           with Peters to explore if funding is available and to develop a staffing plan. 

8.  An overview of the beach testing was discussed.  No closing or advisory exceedance were                   recorded at any of the municipal beach sites tested in 2020.

9.  P. Kenny moved to conduct the benthic littoral macro-invert survey in 2021. CU

10.  The GLEA 2021 preliminary budget was discussed with its implications on workload and staff for            2021. Since nothing has been heard about the increase in per community increase and that it               has worked its way through four of the five communities it appears that it will be approved by             the communities.  


11. The future of GLEA and Geneva Lake’s management was discussed. Peters felt that things are                    changing and the perhaps the GLEA will not be the lead lake management entity in the future.            He expressed his concern that the GLEA continue to do  good science and to use it in the                     decision making of lake management, to remain transparent and to maintain  a working                      relationship with the Geneva Lake Communities.  Peters was directed to put together a job                  discretion for the position and to send it to the Wisconsin League of Municipalities and                          Wisconsin  Towns Association.


Next meeting set for December 17, 2020 with  place and type to be determined.  

Motion to adjourn by P. Kenny  at 7:43. pm.

Dated October 19,  2020. Upon approval,  posted at the GLEA office and website

These minutes were recorded and transcribed by Theodore W. Peters, Director GLEA.


Approved 1/21/2021