WILLIAMS BAY, WISCONSIN
                              Monthly business meeting of the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency,
                                                                           Thursday May 20, 2021 

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the monthly business meeting of the GLEA will be held as a virtual GoToMeeting and as an in-person meeting at the City of Lake Geneva’s Council Chambers on Thursday May 20, 2021 at 6:30 pm.

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Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.
Roll Call.
General Business:
1. Approve minutes of April 15, 2021 meeting’s minutes.
2. Monthly Review Items:
    a. Action on bookkeeper’s Income Statement – April 2021.
    b. Action on Bookkeeper’s Balance Sheet –April 2021
    c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report – April 2021
   d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report as of April 30, 2021
   e. Action on Staff Report:
           -Director’s report for April-May 2021

Discussion and possible action on the following Business.
1) Election of GLEA officers, Chair, Vice-chair
2) Action on starry stonewort position paper with recommendations.
3) Action on Peters’ resignation letter.
4) Approval of Director’s job description with responsibilities.
5) Review and action on staffing services.
6) Action on minutes of the ad-hoc committee meeting, 3/31, 4/22, 4/28.
7) Action on future of ad-hoc committee.
8) Update on CD3 boat cleaning station.
9) Update on Clean Boats, Clean Waters for summer of 2021.
10)Update on Big Foot Creek Watershed Report.
11) 2021 Trinke Dredging and financing.
12) Coordination of aquatic plant survey and hand pulling for 2021.(need of a boat and pilot).
13)Update on cleaning station for 2021. .
14) Commissioner report
15)Grant requests, GLA and LGGC.
16) Set next meeting date.
17) Adjournment.  


Posted: May 17, 2021 at GLEA office and website .
and at the City of Lake Geneva Website,
Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

May 20, 2021

The in-person portion of the meeting was held at the City of Lake Geneva’s council chambers in a GoToMeeting format.

Members/staff in-person present: M.J. Fesenmaier (LG), ),  L. Lundberg (W. B.), B. Urman (WB), T. O’ Neill (LG)  T. Peters (Director)

In-person guest, T. Dunn (LG), K. Yancey (GLC), D. Snyder (B&W), B. Morava (GLA).

Members virtually present:   P. Kenny (Fontana), J. Weiss (Linn), J. Lovell (Walworth Twn.)

Guest virtually present:  None

Members Absent:  R. Pappas (Fontana), Boyd Whiting (Linn Twn),


 Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by Chair Lundberg.


General Business:

  1. Motion by M.J. Fesenmaier to accept the April 15, 2021 minutes.  CU. The minutes of the April 28 special meeting were not sent out and will be sent out and acted on at the next meeting.

2.  Monthly review items.

    a.  J. Lovell moved to accept the Income Statements for April 2021. CU.

    b.  J. Weiss moved to accept the Balanced sheet for April 2021. CU.

c.  The April 2021 disbursement and donation reports were distributed.  No action.

d.  Peters asked about the Town of Linn’s  Plan Committee Hearing on the  proposed rezone and conditional use for the site known as the “Store” on Linn Pier Rd.  He was told that he should come to the Monday meeting to get answers. Accepted ???????


Discussion and possible action on the following business.

  1. J. Lovell nominated L. Lundberg for GLEA Board chair. CU.  M.J. Fesenmaier nominated J. Lovell for Vice-Chair. CU

  2. It appears that the draft of the GLEA starry stonewort position paper was not sent to all members.  Peters reviewed the position paper.  Peters will send out to the board for action at the next meeting.  Motion by J. Lovell to table action on the GLEA SSW position paper to the next meeting. CU   

  3. Motion by P. Kenny to accept Peters’ April 19, 2021 resignation letter. CU  Discussion followed on what happens after June 30, 2021.  Peters mentioned there are several summer projects that will be in progress and that he would be willing to help in the transition.  As stated in his resignation letter, the board and himself would need to work out the arrangements.  Guest K. Yancey of the GLC suggested that the GLEA consider hiring more than one person to cover all the responsibilities of director, scientist, AIS management, project manager, and public outreach/communication  and grant writing. 

  4. Motion by M.J. Fesenmaier to accept the Director’s job description and responsibilities as preliminary. CU

  5. Discussion followed on the use of a staffing services to fill the Director’s position.  Peters reviewed the summary that he and Aimee put together on a select number of services. There was a feeling that we should be looking for a recruiting firm to help us.   Do we hire a firm such as Zip Recruiter/Linkedin for two weeks and then go to a headhunter firm if needed?   P. Kenny moved to get a head-hunter firm with environmental focus to give us a cost and act on it at the next meeting.  GLEA will have a special business meeting on June 3 to act on the SSW position paper, review and amend if necessary, the Director’s job description and to act on the recommendation for a head-hunter firm. CU

  6. Motion by P. Kenny to accept the minutes from the March 31, April 22, and April 28 meeting of the ad-hoc committee on the GLEA’ s future.  

  7. M. J. Fesenmaier moved to dissolve the GLEA Ad-hoc committee on Geneva Lake’s future. CU

  8. B. Morava updated the board on the CD3 boat cleaning station, its intent, goals, location, operation, and the integration of CD3 and Clean Boats Clean waters staff in promoting the use of the CD3 station.  The communities have been presented with the concept of locating the unit at their launches, and their assistance in moving the unit. They are all supportive of the effort and having a CD3 unit at their launch.  Peters want to meet with the launch supervisors to keep things moving forward and to minimize problems.  

  9. Peters informed the board that they have two CBCW inspectors and they have been scheduled for the summer to coordinate with the presence of the CD3 cleaning station.  

  10. Peters reviewed the recommendations of RES, the consultants for the Big Foot Creek watershed study and their proposed treatment concept, design, and location.  Property owners have not yet been contacted or informed of the recommended management practice as no final report has been completed.  Peters is to forward final report to board.

  11. Peters introduced D. Snyder from Baxter & Woodman who discussed the proposed Trinke dredging. D. Snyder reviewed the dredging action plan memo he prepared.  He stressed the need to start on this project ASAP with a meeting between the engineer and Trinke to secure access and permission and to discuss some options on the dewatering site. He also mentioned that there is a need to gather more preliminary information to refine the cost estimate. Negotiations regarding  permits and commitments from stakeholders needs to start now.  Baxter & Woodman will take the lead on this project.  The questions came up “where is the money going to come”  from as the present estimate is $800,000.  M.J. Fesenmaier moved to have GLEA and specifically Baxter and Woodman meet with Trinke P.O. A. to secure permission and a financial commitment. CU

  12. The aquatic plant survey is to start July 19 and is booked through July 30.  The hand pulling at the mouth of Trinke Lagoon is schedule for the last week of July, July 26 -30.  This should give the hand pulling crew time to pull this area and to pull any small new populations found in the sub-PI aquatic plant survey. Peters mentioned his concern about a boat and someone to operate the boat for the plant survey, especially the first couple of days of the survey.

  13. Grant applications have been drafted for Lake Geneva Garden Club and the Geneva Lake Association.  Both will ask for financial assistance with the CBCW program.  The Environmental Education Foundation has approved a $5,000 donation/grant to the GLEA for the CBCW and CD3 aquatic invasive species efforts. 

  14. Under commissioner report M.J. Fesenmaier mentioned that Lake Geneva Council will be addressing the changes to their conditional use standards in their ES-1 zoning district. 


Next meeting date set as a special meeting on June 3, 2021 at 6:30 pm at the Lake Geneva Council Chambers. The regular June business meeting is scheduled for June 17, 2021 at 6:30 pm.  


Motion to adjourn by P. Kenny at 8:30 pm. CU.  


Dated May 26, 2021.  Upon approval, posted at the GLEA office and website

These minutes were recorded and transcribed by Theodore W. Peters, Director GLEA.

Approved 6/2/21