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Thursday May 16, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the monthly meeting has been called by the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s Board of Directors for Thursday May 16, 2019 beginning at 6:30 p.m., at George Williams College Campus, Rm. 108 Lowrey Hall, Corner of Constance and Ravinia Dr., Williams Bay, Wisconsin.





Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.


Roll Call


General Business:

1.   Approve minutes for meeting held April 18, 2019  .

2.   Monthly Review Items:

            a. Action on bookkeeper’s Income Statement – April 2019.

b. Action on Bookkeeper’s Balance Sheet –April 2019.

c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report – April 2019.

d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report, April 2019.  

e. Action on Staff Report:  

-Director’s Report for March – April - May 2019.


Discussion and possible action on the following Business

  1. Update on  Phosphorus Initiative – Stream Sampling for bacteria

  2. Big Foot Creek Study –  sampling

  3. Update on Starry Stonewort management plan.

    1. GoFundMe– update

    2. Benthic Mats

    3. Dredging - Discussion and action on hiring a dredger

    4. Chemical Treatment – Discussion and action.  

    5. Status on grants and permits.

    6. Discussion and action on Bank Loan.

    7. Discussion and action on Shared Service Agreement.

  4. Discussion on Clean Boats-Clean Waters training.

  5. Discussion on Keeping It Blue Seminar.

  6. Joint clarification letter on Trinke Lagoon Project. 

  7. GLEA Future


Commissioner’s Report

Set next meeting date.



Dated May 15, 2019  Posted: GLEA office and website

Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

May 16, 2019


The GLEA meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm, Tuesday May 16, 2019 by Chair L. Lundberg, Room 108 Lowrey Hall, George Williams College Campus, Williams Bay WI.

Members Present:  L. Lundberg (W. B), Roy White (Linn Twn), P.  Kenny (Fontana), J. McMannamy (WB) 

Also Present: Ted Peters (director), D. Malmin (guest), K. Leith (guest), C. Jones (Linn Supervisor), Tim Dunn, (LG Alderman)  C. Schultz (Regional News), John and Susan Holms (guests). D. Rasmussen

( Attorney)

 Members Absent: D. Skates (LG), J. Lovell (Wal. Twn),


General Business:

  1. Motion by R. White to accept the April 18, 2019  minutes.  CU

  2. Monthly Review Items:

  • R.  White moved to accept the April  2019 Income statement. CU

  •  Motion by R. White to accept the April  2019  Balance Sheet. CU

  • The disbursement sheet for April  2019 and running donations with  SSW fundraising totals were made available for review.   

  • Staff Report: Peters briefly discussed the sediment on Shadow Lane after a heavy rain and the  uncertainty of its cause.    Motion by R. White to  accept the Director’s Report. CU 


Discussion and action of the following Business:

  1. Peters updated the board on the first bacteria sampling and the results which is  a part of the PO4 Initiative The May 31, 2019 Phosphorus workshop was also mentioned, and info was passed out and all were encouraged to attend.

  2. Peters updated the board on the Big Foot Creek Study, access to sampling sites and  the first sampling.

  3. Update on starry stonework management was covered.

    1. A GoFundMe income update was reported.

    2. Discussion on the use of benthic barriers to cover the area in Trinke Lagoon where SSW is known to exist.  Peters presented pros and cons of their use, the impact upon the benthic community and how they would impact our plans to chemically treat the lagoon twice during the summer.  NO action was taken as Peters felt he need to do more research.  He will get back to the board with his recommendation within a week.

    3. Peters explained the number of bids , the bids’ contents and the companies that submitted a bid.  He mentioned that the end of the 45 days for keeping the bids open is approaching.  Permits applications need to be submitted.   Having only received one new bid and the  other bid a carry-over from the April bidding, he recommends that we award the fall dredging contract to ILM with a bid of $174,000. Motion by P. Kenny to accept the ILM bid  for the fall dredging of Trinke Lagoon of $174,000, CU

    4. Only one new bid was received for the chemical treatment of Trinke Lagoon.   There was an earlier bid available for consideration.  One bid included treatment as per the bid specs, the other was submitted with the use of different chemicals than what was in the bid specs.  This makes a significant difference, especially if we are to use benthic barriers. Peters suggested that no action be taken on the bids submitted for the chemical treatment of Trinke Lagoon until a decision is made on the use of benthic barriers.  The first chemical treatment is scheduled for June 18th, so action need to be taken soon.  

    5. Dredging permits will be submitted ASAP now that a contractor has been chosen. GLEA received two $20,000 grants from the WI DNR.  One for dredging and the other for chemical treatmetns, plant survey and education outreach.  The grants’ agreements have been signed.  They will not be impacted if we  choosing to use a benthic barrier. 

    6. Nothing new on the bank loan.  It is suspected that they will draft a new loan now that a different time for the dredging and a contractor has been hired.  The question was asked if the bank will ask the communities to sign the loan?

    7. Linn and Fontana have signed the Shared Service Agreement (SSA).  W. Bay has some questions. Lake Geneva is waiting for further developments on the project before they sign but it appears they have no objection to it. Peters will attend a May 20th meeting at the Bay to address those questions. One item brought up at the Bay’s discussion was they fell the GLEA should be signatory to the SSA.  D. Rasmussen didn’t see the need. but it doesn’t impact the agreement.  Peters will discuss with W. Bay at the May 20th meeting.

  4. Motion by P. Kenny to have Peters and C. Burmeister attend the June 10th, Clean Boats -Clean Waters training at Summit Village Hall. CU. Peters encouraged the communities to send their launch staff.  He will send the training schedule to the communities.

  5. Peters reminded the Board that he intends to retire on April 30, 2021

  6. Nothing to add from the commissioners.

  7. Next meeting date set for June 20, 2019

  8. Motion to adjourn by R. White. CU


D. Malmin passed out a letter that is being sent to Governor Evers asking for the DNR to “ partner with our communities to quarantine Trinke Estates Lagoon and to support hydraulic dredging….”.


The question was asked if Trinke could be closed to fishing.  Peters didn’t know.  He asked how it would be  enforced without keeping all boats out which the WI DNR has stated in the past that will not happen.




These minutes were recorded and prepared by T. Peters. 5/17/19

Approved 6/20/19

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