Monthly business meeting of the  Geneva Lake Environmental Agency,

Thursday June 3, 2021


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE,  the monthly  business  meeting of the GLEA will be held as a virtual GoToMeeting and as an in-person meeting at the City of Lake Geneva’s Council Chambers on Thursday June 3, 2021 at 6:30 pm. 

 Mask and social distancing will be in effect for those attending  in-person. If you do not have computer access you can call in on a phone using a phone number, meeting ID and passcode listed below. The link to attend this meeting is:


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Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.

Roll Call.

General Business:

1.  Approve minutes of April 28, 2021 special business meeting.

2.  Approve minutes of May 20, 2021 business meeting.


Discussion and possible action on the following Business.

  1. Discussion and action on starry stonewort position paper.

  2. Discussion and action on recruitment firm.

  3. Discussion and action on job description.

  4. Discussion and action on staff pay. 

  5. Adjournment.


Posted: June 2,  2021 at GLEA office and website .

and at the City of Lake Geneva Website,

Theodore Peters, Director,


Special Board of Director’s Meeting’s  Official Minutes.

June 3, 2021

The in-person portion of the meeting was held at the City of Lake Geneva’s council chambers with a virtual a GoToMeeting format.  

Members/staff in-person present: M.J. Fesenmaier (LG), ),  B. Umans (WB), T. Peters (Director)

In-person guest, K. Leith (Linn Supervisor)

Members virtually present:   P. Kenny (Fontana), J. Weiss (Linn), J. Lovell (Walworth Twn.)

Guest virtually present:  unknown

Members Absent:  R. Pappas (Fontana), Boyd Whiting (Linn Twn), L. Lundberg (W. B.), T. O’Neill (LG),


 Meeting called to order at 6:33 by Vice-Chair J. Lovell.


General Business:

  1. Motion by P. Kenny to accept the April 28, 2021, minutes.  No discussion CU

  2. Motion by P. Kenny to accept the May 20, 2021, minutes. There was a question on what the red text meant and whether  the minutes were complete enough, not showing a second or resulting action.  Peters explained that red text was a question on who moved to accept the Staff reports and the CU means the resulting action as the motion was carried unanimously. Motion on acceptance of the minutes was CU.


Discussion and possible action on the following business.

  1. The prepared SSW position paper was reviewed, and short discussion followed including Peters referring to the use of the WI DNR permitting guidance for SSW  in preparation of the GLEA position paper on SSW management.  R. Umans discussed some of the research he has done on SSW management.  P. Kenny moved to accept the position paper as presented with a 6-month review as we learn more about SSW management and in case of any changes to our management preference.   CU

  2. Extensive discussion followed on the hiring of a recruitment firm to search for an individual to fill Peters’ position.  Peters gave an overview of his success of contacting firms suggested at the last meeting.  Only one firm, GovHR USA, expressed interest.  They off an initial  professional outreach for $3,000 that develops the material to start a search and puts it on professional network.  P. Kenny offered to contact with a firm he is familiar with and ask for them to review. It was suggested that we established a job description, then pay and then work into a firm.   J. Weis moved to table action on the recruiting firm and move to job description. CU

Discussion moved to job description.It was suggested that it would be difficult to find one person to do all the jobs.Need to hire several, including a director/manager/administrator to work with communities.The science side of the job description is secondary or maybe it could be contracted out. The reality is that per community contribution needs to be increase. Peters feels the GLEA is the only local group that does the science, andwe should continue to be responsible for the science.Manager would need to have a good understanding of science.

Could we afford or need two full time positions?Perhaps hire a manager and contract out science for the transition. Not being the only lake management group in town, can we split responsibilities between all the different groups and each group be a resource to be used by the other groups.Real estate values are tied into lake quality.  There is a large tax base around the lake because of the lake’s quality. Within this context and with the changes taking placed with GLEA management,it may not be hard to increase GLEA funding and now is the time to try.

Discussion moved to job description.Narrow down job description.Specifically focus on the Director/Administrative side of job who understands science, but not necessarily a scientist. It was again asked, what do we do on June 30?  Not being on the agenda it cannot be discussed to any significant extent.  Put on agenda for next meeting. J. Weiss moved to update the job description to focus on an Administrative/Director with an understanding of science but necessarily being a scientist. CU  Can the GovHR USA help us refine the job description.Peters felt it can, depending upon how much we pay.

   3 .  Action on pay for staff.  Peters explained to attract candidates for CBCW and because of some of the new responsibilities associated with the CD3 boat cleaning station, he increased the pay from $12 -$14 including the intern.  Total cost would be $1,200.  Motion by P. Kenny to approve the staff pay increases.  CU .  ( A postscript on this matter that  Peters forgot to mention.  The Environmental Education Foundation awarded us a $5,000 grant to help with our CD3 and CBCW efforts.)   

   4. There was a question on should the Board discuss salary now.   Recommendation was to list it as a range.  Peters explained his present pay and benefits.  Consider using one of the firms to help develop a pay range.  P. Kenny offered to use some of his resources to help us with developing a pay range and job description.  It was presented that there are three major items that need to be addressed; Job description, pay, and what do we do on July 1. 

Discussion followed on exactly what we want from GovHR USA and how to work with them to continue to move forward.

Motion by J Weiss/P. Kenny to move forward with contracting with GovHR USA, for our recruitment process subject to legal review and have a distribution of update job description that will beagreed upon by all board membersprior to advertising for the position and that the GLEA will discuss the transition at the June 17 meeting.GovHR will also help us determine compensation. CU

   5. Motion by R Umans to adjourn at 8:03 pm.



Next meeting date is set as a regular monthly business meeting on June 17, 2021, at LG City Hall.   


Dated June 9, , 2021.  Upon approval, posted at the GLEA office and website

These minutes were recorded and transcribed by Theodore W. Peters, Director GLEA.


Approved 7/22/21