Thursday June 20, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the monthly meeting has been called by the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s Board of Directors for Thursday June 20, 2019 beginning at 6:30 p.m., at George Williams College Campus, Rm. 108 Lowrey Hall, Corner of Constance and Ravinia Dr., Williams Bay, Wisconsin.





Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.


Roll Call


General Business:

1.   Approve minutes for meeting held May 16, 2019  .

2.   Monthly Review Items:

            a. Action on bookkeeper’s Income Statement – May 2019.

b. Action on Bookkeeper’s Balance Sheet –May 2019.

c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report – May 2019.

d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report, May 2019.  

e. Action on Staff Report:  

-Director’s report for May - June 2019

-Intern’s report for May – June 2019.


Discussion and possible action on the following Business

  1. Update on  Phosphorus Initiative – Stream Sampling for bacteria.

  2. Big Foot Creek Study – Second sampling

  3. Update on Starry Stonewort management plan.

    1. GoFundMe– update

    2. Meeting with Trinke Property Owners Association.

    3. Curtains and chemical treatment

      1. Petition on chemical treatment

      2. Difference of preferred chemicals used in treatment.

    4. Status on grants and permits.

    5. Update on bank loan.

    6. Update and action on Shared Service Agreement

  4. Discussion on Clean Boats-Clean Waters training.

    1. Training,

    2. Cleaning stations.

  5. Joint clarification letter on Trinke Lagoon Project.   

  6. GLEA Future.  

Commissioner’s Report

Set next meeting date.



Dated June 18, 2019  Posted: GLEA office and website

Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

June 20,  2019


The GLEA meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, Thursday June 20, 2019 by Chair L. Lundberg, Room 108 Lowrey Hall, George Williams College Campus, Williams Bay WI.

Members Present:  L. Lundberg (W. B), Roy White (Linn Twn), P.  Kenny (Fontana), J. McMannamy (WB),  D. Skates (LG).

Also Present: Ted Peters (director), D. Malmin (guest), K. Leith (guest), Tim Dunn, (LG Alderman)  C. Schultz (Regional News), C. Burmeister (Staff), Jim Hurley (Linn Administrator/Treasure)

 Members Absent: J. Lovell (Wal. Twn),


General Business:

  1.  Motion by P. Kenny to accept the May 20, 2019  minutes.  CU

  2. Monthly Review Items:

  1. P. Kenny  moved to accept the May 2019 Income statement. CU

             b.   Motion by R. White to accept the May  2019  Balance Sheet. CU

  1. The disbursement sheet for May  2019 and running donations with  SSW fundraising totals were made available for review.   

  1. Staff Reports: - nothing to add.     

    1. Motion by P. Kenny to  accept staff reports. CU


Discussion and action of the following Business:

  1. Peters reviewed the PO4 workshop and the anticipated second sampling for bacteria sometime in July/August.

  2. Peters updated the board on the Big Foot Creek Study, second sampling and payment to crew. 

  3. Update on starry stonework management was covered.

    1. A GoFundMe income updated numbers were reported.

    2. Peters reviewed his appearance at the Trinke Property Owners Assoc. annual meeting.  Things went pretty will.  

    3. Peters mentioned the installing of the curtains, wrong size and how things were corrected.  The two curtains that were zip tied together to reach across the channel at the first bridge was opened.  Not sure how that happened. 

      1. A petition established by the Care for Geneva Lake group was sent to the Governor and the Secretary of DNR objecting to the use of chemical in aquatic plant management.

      2. There was some concerned expressed on the chemicals and concentrations used in the lagoon treatment  by a chemical applicator.

    4. Grant applications to help fund the SSW management were submitted to the GLA and the LGGC.

    5. Prime interest rate changes haven’t changed so load rates haven’t changed.

    6. There was brief discussion on the additions to the Shared Service Agreement by the city of Lake Geneva.  It appears that if all the communities agree to those additions, a new copy will be circulated for signing.

  4. There was talk of cleaning stations and having brooms available at the launches for cleaning boats.  Other clean boats discussion centered on a training session and locations for cleaning stations.  Peters encouraged the communities to send their launch staff.  He will send the training schedule to the communities.

  5. Nothing to add about the joint clarification letter regarding the Trinke Lagoon project.

  6. Peters showed a Power Point presentation that he presented to the Walworth County Land Conservation Committee.  It was suggested that he sent it to the local communities for them to put on their web page.

  7. Peters reminded the Board that he intends to retire on April 30, 2021

  8. Nothing to add from the commissioners.

  9. Next meeting date set for July 25th, the fourth Thur of July.

  10. Motion to adjourn by R. White. CU @ 2010.



These minutes were recorded and prepared by T. Peters. 6/24/19

Approved August 29, 2019

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