Thursday August 8, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a special meeting has been called by the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s Board of Directors for Thursday August 8, 2019 beginning at 6:30 p.m., at George Williams College Campus, Rm. 108 Lowrey Hall, Corner of Constance and Ravinia Dr., Williams Bay, Wisconsin. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and act on future management strategies for starry stonewort.





Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.


Roll Call.


General Business:

1.   Approve minutes for meeting held June 20, 2019  .

2.   Plant surveys results.

3.   Refined plant survey at key locations - ROV and diver

4.   Treatment Options for Trinke Lagoon


            Chemically treat lagoon.

            Monitor SSW in lagoon

5.    Grants and permits


6.  Redefine scope of dredging grant.

7   Shared Service Agreement

8.  Loan application   

Commissioner’s Report

Set next meeting date.


Dated August 5, 2019  Posted: GLEA office and website

Theodore Peters, Director,



Official Minutes of and Emergency meeting of the Board of Director’s.

August 8, 2019


The GLEA meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, Thursday August 8, 2019  by Chair L. Lundberg, Room 204 Lowrey Hall, George Williams College Campus, Williams Bay WI.

Members Present:  L. Lundberg (W. B), Roy White (Linn Twn), P.  Kenny (Fontana), J. McMannamy (WB),  D. Skates (LG).

Also present: Ted Peters (director), C. Burmeister (Staff), and 21 guests including J. Weis, Town of Linn Chair, B. Duncan, V. of W. Bay President. Keith Gray of ILM, the dredger, Doug Snyder, the SSW project engineer, and representatives of Trinke.  Guests were asked to sign in. That sheet will be a part of these minutes.   

 Members Absent: J. Lovell (Wal. Twn),


General Business:

  1.  Peters asked to table the minutes from the June 20th meeting as he did not have copies available.   CU

  2. The results of the two July aquatic plant survey were discussed. Including discussion on finding Starry stonewort at two separate locations within Geneva Lake. Discussion included location and density.

  3. The  follow-up surveys on the density and distribution of SSW at the two new locations was discussed.  This includes the use of an underwater ROV with camera and a diver. The intent is to quantify the density and extent of the lake populations of SSW.

  4. The different management options were presented by Peters; dredging, chemical treatment and on-going monitoring.  Peters mentioned that the decision on how the GLEA will move forward on Starry stonewort management will be made by the GLEA board of directors.  He pointed out that the GLEA is comprised of all the Geneva Lake Communities and that in addition to the four of five GLEA board members being present (Walworth Township absent), four of the five municipal heads are also present. 

    • There was lengthy discussion on dredging, chemical treatment, what to do with the SSW in the lake and lagoon by those present with many questions coming from the audience.  Peters read his position as GLEA staff on the future dredging of Trinke Lagoon into the minutes.  A copy will be attached to these minutes.   P. Kenny moved to continue discussion on the management options at a meeting on August 15, 2019 6:30 pm after the follow-up August 13 survey on the lake populations.  CU. 

  5. Peters mentioned that two grants of $20,000 were awarded and that the dredging permit has been granted.  The Notice of Intent permit to discharge water back to the Trinke Creek is being reviewed. 

  6. The Shared service agreement is coming together with a copy signed by all communities to be ready within the next couple of weeks. 

  7. Peters has been in discussion with the bank and new terms of the loan should be sent to us within the next week.  There was a consensus to have a  5-yr. term on the loan.   


Motion to adjourn by P. Kenny at 8:25 pm. CU.



These minutes were recorded and prepared by T. Peters. 8/9/19


If interested in the sign up sheet for attendance contact the GLEA office at 262-245-45323



Comments on what to do regarding starry stonewort management in Geneva Lake and the dredging of Trinke Lagoon, Ted Peters, Director GLEA, 080819.


As mentioned earlier, the two different plant survey conducted in mid-July found starry stonewort at two different location in Geneva Lake. Although we are not sure of the extent of those two populations, we know that it is no longer confined to just one isolated lagoon in Geneva Lake.

While it was thought to only exist in the one confined lagoon, I felt that we had a better than 50 – 50 chance of eradicating it from the lagoon and subsequently ( for at least some time) from the lake. With it now known to exist within the lake as well as within the lagoon, I feel the probability of eradication is significantly less that 50 – 50. 

From the research I have done, science tell us that it has never been eradicated from any lake that it has been found in.

The cost-benefit considerations of dredging for starry stonewort management while in the lagoon only,  made dredging feasible as a successful means of managing starry stonewort with a good chance of eradicating it.

Now that it is in the lake, I do not feel dredging is the best use of those resources. 

I do not believe that the cost-benefit consideration of dredging the lagoon while we  know that starry stonewort existed in two other locations within the lake,  support dredging as a means of eradicating starry stonewort from Geneva Lake.


In discussion with several WI DNR biologists and aquatic invasive species specials about what to do with our starry stonewort management now that we know it is in Geneva Lake,  the conclusion to not dredge, is supported by all.

There is a consensus by all the WI DNR people and myself that the money, time, energy and whatever other resources that would be spent on dredging could be better spent in containing the known populations of starry stonewort in Geneva Lake and addressing the introduction of all invasive species into Geneva Lake. twp.

Approved August 29, 2019

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