Thursday August 20, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the monthly meeting of the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s Board of Directors will be held as a Zoom meeting on Thursday August 20, 2020 beginning at 6:30 p.m.   If interested in linking into the meeting contact the GLEA at and leave an email address that we can send the link to.  


  Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.

  Roll Call.

General Business:
1.  Approve minutes of June 18 meeting.
2.  Monthly Review Items:
           a. Action on bookkeeper’s Income Statement – June and July  2020.
           b. Action on Bookkeeper’s Balance Sheet – June and July  2020.
           c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report – June and July 2020.
           d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report as of July 2020. 
           e. Action on Staff Report:  
                   -Director’s report for June, July and Aug 2020
                  -Report of summer Intern,  Dan Oliaro
Discussion and possible action on the following Business.
1.    Clean Boat Clean Waters 
                 a.    staff
                 b.    hours
                 c.    End of season 
2.    Geneva Lake Association grant
3.    Lake Geneva Garden Club grant 
4.    2020 Aquatic plant PI survey
5.    Starry Stonewort
                a.   Hand pulling and the next step.
                b.    Trinke Lagoon chemical treatment
6.   Foot Creek Watershed Study, 

7.   Abbey Lagoon
               a.   sequential sampling 
8.   Update on Geneva Lake Task force.
                a.    Name Change to Water Alliance, 
                b.    Watershed study
                c.    Lake management plan
                d.    Future
9.   Private Well testing program
10.   Future Zebra mussel studies. 
11.    Fishing Contests 
12.   GLEA’s future
       a. 2021 budget
       b.  Director’s thoughts. 

        c.  Meeting frequency

Commissioner’s Report 
Set next meeting date.

Posted: 08/14/20 office and website . 
Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

August 20, 2020

A Zoom GLEA board meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, Thursday August 20, 2020 by Chair L. Lundberg.


Members Present: L. Lundberg (W. B), M.J. Fesenmaier (LG),  T. O’Neill (LG) Boyd Whiting (Linn Twn), J. Lovell ( Wal. Twn.)   

Also present: Ted Peters (director), D. Oliaro, (staff) Guests; D. Malmin , K. Leith., C. Klein ( L.G. Mayor), J. Schmidt.   

Members Absent: J. McMannamy (WB), P. Kenny (Fontana), R. Pappas (Fontana), J. Weiss (Linn).


General Business:


  1. Motion by J. Lovell to accept the June 18, 2020 minutes.

    2.  Monthly review items.

        a.  J. Lovell  moved to accept the bookkeeper’s Income statement for June and July 2020. CU

        b J. Lovell moved to accept the Balance Sheet for June and July 2020.  CU.

        c. The disbursement Report for June and July were reviewed.

        d. The running total donation report was also reviewed.

        e.  Staff reports were reviewed by staff.  Motion by J. Lovell to accept the staff reports. CU.


Discussion and action on Old Business:

     1.      Peters updated the board on the number of hours that have been put in at the different launches for the Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) program.  He mentioned that the final week will be the last week of August, with some launches being covered during labor Day weekend, but with the staff going back to school, it may not be more than LG.  He is reminding them to get their data entered into the SWIM data base and to get to GLEA the monthly number of individual each inspector has contacted at each launch. 

    2.    The Geneva Lake Association grant of $4000 has been earmarked for the Clean Boat Clean Waters effort.  Peters mentioned that the GLA will not have their     annual membership meeting but have put some video presentations on the web page, including the GLEA update.  It can be viewed at http;// 

    3.    Nothing yet on the Lake Geneva Garden Club grant request.

    4.    Peters gave a summary of the 2020 lake-wide PI aquatic plant survey. No new starry stonewort beds discovered.  The top three most abundant plant were the same as last year, but in a different order, Vallisneria, Ceratophyllum, and Ruppia.  Max depth aquatic plants were found was 33 ft. It included a sub PI in the Trinke Lagoon where SSW was found in 24 of 26 points.  Total cost is expected to be $7,180.


    5.  Peters sent out a post assessment of the SSW hand pulling along with recommendations and a timeline for future SSW management. There was discussion on exploring DASH, chemical treatment, benthic blankets with implanted native plants and a meander survey in 2021.  Peters felt that there will be a need for annual management effort of some type for several years to come.   Motion by J. Lovell to hire Dive Guys to finish the 2020 hand pulling at a cost of $18, 600 to start Sept 1, 2020. CU   Peters asked the board to review the document for discussion at the next meeting.  .  The GLEA will not do any chemical treatment during 202 in the lake or Trinke Lagoon for SSW.  Trinke was treated by their applicator  for “navigation” but not for SSW.

    6.   An update on Big Foot Creek Watershed study was given to include the sampling, installation of the sequential sampler and an anticipated meeting with the contractor.  Sampling show the same variability in water quality as shown in 2019 sampling.

    7.  Peters mentioned that after a summer storm, a large amount of the same looking plant was washed into the lagoon.  Not sure what the plant was although I have some suspicions, but  never saw anything like it before.  He also has been in discussion on several occasions with the Abbey Yacht Club about the sediment loading that has taken place in the lagoon after storms. 


    8.  Peters sent out a copy of the Geneva Lake Task Force’s Action Plan that includes watershed study, lake management plant, CBCW, invasive species and POWTS concerns.  They have changed their name to the Water Initiative.

    9.  Only three more private wells to test to complete the fourth year of the project.  Anticipate sampling Fri 8/21.  All wells have tested good. 


   10. Discussion followed on what can be done to make sure future lake projects that have a potential to impact lake water quality should be reviewed in the context of a check list to remind the communities of their potential impact and what can be done to reduce.  Motion by MJ Fesenmaier to have the GLEA establish a check list to reduce the potential of pollution loading for the communities and the GLEA to use when reviewing and approving projects.  CU   

    11. With the 2020 benthic littoral macro-invert study being canceled this year, Peters questioned if is something that we should continue in the future.  He did feel that the substrates should still be deployed if for not other reason then to check for quagga mussels.


   12.  L. Lundberg express concern about the timing and impact of fishing tournament.  Peters will try again to get someone from the WI DNR to attend our next meeting be it a Zoom meeting or in person.

   13.  The LG budget request is due Sept 11th.  Peters express what he feels may be a means of transition of GLEA as a result of his retirement.  The GLEA could hire a director or administrator to oversee the day-to day GLEA business, including some of the advocacy work. He feels that there are a lot of loose ends on the science side of the GLEA that may take some time finish.  He would be willing to work as part-time hired staff to do this work and to help with the transition.  He introduced Jake Schmidt who is interested in the future of the GLEA.  J. Schmidt give some background on his work in the environmental field.


Peters suggested that the GLEA consider meeting every other month. 

Next meeting set for October 15, 2020 with  place to be determined.  

Motion to adjourn by J. Lovell at 8:10 pm.

Dated August 24, 2020. Upon approval posted at the GLEA office and website

These minutes were recorded and transcribed by Theodore W. Peters, Director GLEA.

Approved October 15, 2020