Monthly business meeting of the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency,

Thursday August 19, 2021


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the monthly business meeting of the GLEA will be held as a virtual GoToMeeting and as an in-person meeting at the City of Lake Geneva’s Council Chambers on Thursday August 19, 2021 at 6:30 pm. 

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6:30 p.m. Thursday, August 19, 2021 GLEA


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Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.

Roll Call.

General Business:

            Comments from the public.

1.  Approve minutes of July 22, 2021 meetings’ minutes.

2.  Monthly Review Items:

            a. Action on July 2021 Income Statement.

b. Action on July 2021 Balance Sheet

c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report

d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report

e. Action on Staff Report: 

-Director’s report for July-August 2021

-Intern’s report for July- August 2021

Discussion and possible action on the following Business.

  1. Updates on CD3 cleaning station and CBCW.

  2. Dredging Trinke Lagoon, sediment inventory.

  3. Funding Trinke dredging.

  4. Update on GovHR search for Director.

  5. Formation of ad-hoc committee to review and interview candidates.

  6. Close out account with RES, BFCW Study.

  7. Update on hand pulling and plant survey.

  8. Dive Guy invoice, cash flow.

  9. Boat launch information.

  10. Bacteria stream sampling.

  11. DNR boat launch fee increase request to DNR.

  12. Review comments from Integrated Lakes Management.

  13. Approval of purchase of office supplies over $100.00.

  14. 2021 Annual Boat Count.

  15. Update on annual mailing.

  16. Set next meeting date.

  17. Adjournment


Posted: August 16, 2021 at GLEA office and website .

and at the City of Lake Geneva Website,

Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

August 19, 2021

The GLEA board meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, Thursday August 19, 2021, by Chair Lundberg at the City of Lake Geneva’s council chambers as an in person and a GoToMeeting format.

Members/staff in-person present: M.J. Fesenmaier (L.G.), L. Lundberg (W. B.), J. Lovell (Walworth Twn.), T. Peters (Director), M. Messer (intern).

Members virtually present:   P. Kenny (Fontana), J. Weiss (Linn).

In-person guest, B. Machdo, (Trinke), 

Guest virtually present:  Caller K.L, D. Malmin, Linn Resident, Callers 2,3,4,5.,

Members Absent:  R. Pappas (Fontana), Boyd Whiting (Linn Twn.), T. O’Neill (LG), R. Umans (W.B)


Meeting called to order by Chair Lundberg at 6:30 pm.  Some initial audio problems resulted in the use of phones to hear J. Weis and P. Kenny.  All video feeds were working.


No comments from the public.


General business

  1. Motion by M.J. Fesenmaier to accept the July 22, 2021, meeting minutes. CU

  2. Monthly Review Items

    1. Motion by J. Lovell to accept the July 2021 Income Statement. CU

    2. Motion by J. Lovell to accept the July 2021 Balance statement. CU

c.d. Copies of the disbursement and donation reports were reviewed.

                        e.  Director’s Report. Discussion on posting boat cleaning signs around the Trinke Lagoon

                                asking boaters to clean their boats before leaving the lagoon was discussed with B, Machdo.

Nothing was decided.  Peters mentioned the ILM offer to review the Big Foot Creek Watershed study’s recommendation Board agreed to take up the offer.  It was mentioned that the LSD included a figure of $35,000 for the GLEA in 2022.  Peters reviewed a short letter to area groups, communities, and business to raise $ for Trinke dredging.  Motion by J. Lovell to accept the Director’s report. CU.

M. Messer reviewed his August report. Motion by M.J. Fesenmaier to accept the intern’s report. CU.


  1.  Peters discussed the CD3 use reports including a first rotation evaluation between sites.  Reports are now on the GLEA’ s webpage.  M.J. Fesenmaier discussed location options for the CD3 in Lake Geneva. A draft letter was given to Peters to present to the City for a new location on the unit’s next stay at LG. The importance of checking boats coming and going was discussed along with using launch staff to help with inspectors.   L. Lundberg suggested getting uniform numbers and conditions of boat launches.  It was suggested that launch attendants get trained in CBCW. Peters mentioned that municipal law officers can issue a citation for having aquatic vegetation hanging off their trailer/boats. Hopefully an aggressive effort to have boaters clean their boats, both coming and going, should be uniform at all the launches.  Motion by J. Lovell to have Peters send the letter that M.J. Fesenmaier prepared regarding a new location of the CD3 unit for the second LG tour, to the City’s Administrator.CU  

  2. (10) L. Lundberg discussed his bacteria sampling and result of selected locations around the lake.  He also referenced beach sampling result at several locations and felt things should be done to reduce these levels.  Peters mentioned that there is a difference between lake and stream E-coli criteria.  J. Weiss mentioned that we should be looking at more than just Town of Linn’s streams and does this loading impact the lake as a whole or does dilution take place.  Peters reference the results of bacteria numbers in the Hillside Creek, at the lake/ Creek mixing zone and to the west 10 yds., at the beach.  The in-lake bacteria numbers do decrease the further from the creek the sample is collected.

  3. (1) Peters updated the numbers and hours of the CBCW staff, 241 boats, and 381 hrs. CBCW staff will be leaving for school at the end of August.

  4. Peters mentions that staff shot 42 GPS locations around the Trinke Lagoon to accurately ID the lagoon’s surface area of 1.92 acres.  D. Snyder was going to use the original memorandum and change the dates to represent a fall 2022 dredging.  Peters suggest to him that we use a two foot remove depth and the new surface area to calculate volume and cost of dredging.  Mr. Snyder would like to see what it would cost to remove all loose sediment down to a solid bottom and compare the two.  A measuring of the sediment depth would best be done through the ice the winter 2021-2022. So moved by J. Weiss. CU    

  5. Peters drafted a brief letter to potential funding sources for the dredging.  Peters has had a difficult time with drafting the letter until a cost can be secured.  Raising money for this project could be a full-time job.  He will send it to the board for comments and assistance. Discussion again took place on whether dredging was needed.  It was again mentioned that there is a lot of money around this lake and the cost is insignificant to the value of the lake, home, and property and that it shouldn’t be hard to raise that amount of money for this effort. Options for municipal funding were discussed.  Peters was directed to put together a meeting with WI DNR to discuss the status of SSW research and management in the Midwest.  

  6. Peters had forwarded all receive director’s applications.  Discussion followed on how to short-list. M.J. Fesenmaier moved the whole board hold a closed session meeting for a first level to short listing.  Peters will send out the applications to each board member so they can rank them and discuss their choice.  Closed meeting set for Wed.  August 25, 2021, at 6:30 at GWC. CU

  7. J. Lovell moved to wait till we have all the applications, and the Aug 25th meeting takes place before we establish how we are going to interview.  CU

  8. The Big Foot Creek agreement with RES is closed out.  With us doing the field work we came in a bit under the projected. 

  9. Peters gave an overview of the hand pulling, estimated biomass remove, costs and hours for the five days of pulling.  A check of the Trinke outlet found some SSW but not a monoculture.  It was more as a bottom cover with other plants growing above it.  Still a small, mixed population.  The “deep water” site was a monoculture.  Plant survey did find some new mixed population to the east.  Those sites could be new or could have been missed last year.  It is believed some pulling was done at these isolated spots. 

  10. Peters mention with Dive Guys’ invoice, plant survey and other costs, we have a cash flow issue.  Dive Guys willing to allow installments, 3 payments over three months. As cash flow improves with donation we will pay as we can.

  11. Getting boat launch data was discussed.  The only community that we don’t have good 2020 data on is W. Bay.

  12.  If we are going to make a point with bacteria data, we need to develop a sampling program with several sample dates over time.

  13. GLEA can be the united front for the communities applying for a fee justification hearing to include some of the AIS management cost in the launch fees. Perhaps something for the new director to do.

  14. Integrated Lake Management has offered to review the Big Foot Creek recommendations. Board said OK. Also offered to furnish an interim director during our search with no board response about the interim director.

  15.  P. Kenny moved to pay chemical and office supply invoice as presented by Peters. CU

  16. Discussion on the value of the annual boat count.  When we talked to Water Safety Patrol about it, they were going think about it.   Counting piers, buoys, slips, used, and not used.  No action was taken.

  17.  Annual mailing went out, 2,560 pieces were mailed out.

  18. Next meeting date set for Sept. 16, 6:30 with location TBD.

  19. The board thank Peters for his work with the GLEA over the last 45 years. 

  20. Moved to adjourn by M.J.  Fesenmaier at 8:46 pm. CU


Ps. Due to audio issues, it was difficult to hear J. Weiss and P. Kenny and thus some motions may be mis-identified or not totally heard.            


Dated September 10, 2021.  Upon approval, posted at the GLEA office and website

These minutes were recorded and transcribed by Theodore W. Peters, Director GLEA.


APPROVED 9-16-2021