Thursday April 18, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the monthly meeting has been called by the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s Board of Directors for Thursday April 18, 2019 beginning at 6:30 p.m., at George Williams College Campus, Rm. 108 Lowrey Hall, Corner of Constance and Ravinia Dr., Williams Bay, Wisconsin.





Call Meeting of GLEA Board of Directors to Order – Chairman L. Lundberg.


Roll Call


General Business:

1.   Approve minutes for meeting held April 3, 2019  .

2.   Monthly Review Items:

            a. Action on bookkeeper’s Income Statement – March 2019.

b. Action on Bookkeeper’s Balance Sheet –March 2019.

c. Bookkeeper’s Disbursement Report – March 2019.

d. Bookkeeper’s ongoing Donation Report, March 2019.  

e. Action on Staff Report:  

-Director’s Report for March – April 2019.


Discussion and possible action on the following Business

  1. Update on  Phosphorus Initiative – Stream Sampling for bacteria

  2. Big Foot Creek Study –  training and sampling

  3. Update on Starry Stonewort management plan.

    1. GoFundMe– update

    2. Dredging - Discussion and action on hiring a dredger

    3. Dewatering/Hauling  - Discussion and action on hiring a hauler/disposal site.

    4. Status on grants and permits.

    5. Discussion and action on Bank Loan.

    6. Discussion and action on Shared Service Agreement

  4. Discussion and Action on hiring an intern.

  5. Discussion and action on CD.

  6. GLEA Future


Commissioner’s Report

Set next meeting date.



Dated April 15, 2019  Posted: GLEA office and website

Theodore Peters, Director,



Board of Director’s Meeting Official Minutes.

April 18, 2019


The GLEA meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, Tuesday April 18, 2019 by Chair L. Lundberg, Room 108 Lowrey Hall, George Williams College Campus, Williams Bay WI.

Members Present:  L. Lundberg (W. B), Roy White (Linn Twn), P.  Kenny (Fontana), D. Skates (LG) G. Trush (W. B), J. Lovell (Wal. Twn),

Also Present: Ted Peters (director), D. Malmin (guest), M. Fesenmaier(guest),  Tim Dunn( LG backup rep.), C. Schultz (Regional News).

 Members Absent:


General Business:

  1. Motion by P. Kenny to accept the April 3,  2019  minutes.  CU

  2. Monthly Review Items:

  1. P. Kenny moved to accept the March 2019 Income statement. CU

  2. Motion by J. Lovell to accept the March 2019  Balance Sheet. CU

  1.  The disbursement sheet for March 2019 and running donations with  SSW fundraising totals were made available for review.   

  2. Staff Report: Peters added that he has been contacted by the Big Foot Recreational Dept. to do a one-time program on Geneva Lake, that he was contacted by Illinois State Geological Survey regarding assistance in contacting a few land owners regarding some soil boring they would like to do, and he was asked to be a judge at the Big Foot HS Science/Ag fair.  Motion by P Kenny  accept the Director’s Report. CU


Discussion and action of the following Business:

  1. Peters updated the board on the first bacteria sampling and the results which is  a part of the PO4 Initiative The May 31, 2019 Phosphorus workshop was also mentioned.

  2. Peters referred to a picture in the LG Regional News that show students doing some water testing as a part of the Big Foot Creek Watershed Project training.  

  3. Update on starry stonework management was covered.

    1. A GoFundMe update was reported.

    2. Peters passed out a Memorandum from Baxter & Woodman regarding their recommendation on the Trinke Lagoon dredging and spoil disposal.  The memorandum presented the received bids and B & W’ s recommendation.  .  Only one bid for dredging was received and due to the extremely high bid,  it was recommended not to accept the bid for the spring dredging but to go with a fall dredging. 

    3. B & W recommended to accept the bid from Stewart for the hauling and spoils disposal at $35,800.  After discussion, R. White moved to send out a new FRP for the fall dredging to the dredgers initially contacted and to accept the bid from Stewart for the hauling and disposal for the fall dredging.   CU.

    4. Peters was directed to resubmit the grant applications with changes to include the summer chemical treatments, the recommendation of the WI DNR  and to include two new buoys.

    5. Discussion followed on the status of the bank loan application.  P. Kenny moved to continue with the application process and to ask for a change in the draw period to 12 months.  CU.

    6. Motion by P. Kenny to accept the drafted Shared Service Agreement with changing damming to screening and to change spring to fall for time of dredging.  CU.


  1.  Motion to hire Casey Burmeister as summer employee by G. Trush. CU.

  2. Motion by P. Kenny to not renew CD for the $20,500 and to move the money to the Money Market account. CU.

  3. Motion by G. Trush to purchase two additional buoys  not to exceed $500 for placement in Trinke lagoon at the SSW location.  CU.


P. Kenny mentioned the construction at Lake St and the parking lot in Fontana. 


Next meeting set for May 16, 2019 same time and place.


These minutes were recorded and prepared by T. Peters.


Approved May 16, 2019.

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