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The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency is determined to maintain Geneva Lake's resources by protecting, preserving and enhancing a desirable  lake and watershed quality, through monitoring, protection and education. 

The GLEA board meeting scheduled for Thursday January 16, 2020 did not have a quorum.  Date for a follow up meeting is being considered. 

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency has recently been awarded two Clean Boats Clean Waters grants from the WI Department of Natural Resources.  The grants will be used to cost share in the manning of the municipal launches during the summer of 2020 to conduct aquatic invasive plant surveys and education of boaters.  

Help Wanted

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency is looking to hire four (4) individuals to conduct Clean Boat Clean Water (CBCW) surveys and inspections at Geneva Lake’s five public launches.  The position will run from May thru Labor Day during the summer of 2020.  Pay is $12/ hr.  Work shifts will be morning and afternoon on weekends and holidays with a few weekdays included.  You will work at the launches and be will be conducting surveys with the boaters.  You will also be expected to establish a friendly relationship with the boaters and help educate them about the threat of aquatic invasive species (AIS) and what they can do to help reduce their spread.  You will be trained by professional CWCB staff.  You must be 18 years or older. 


If interested in being on the front line of the battle against aquatic invasive species while working on one of Wisconsin’s premier lakes


Ted Peters, Director

Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

P.O. Box 914

Williams Bay WI  53191


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About The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency was formed in the early 1970's by a group of citizens concerned about Geneva Lake's future. The Agency was formed as a shared unit of the local governments of the Towns of Linn and Walworth, the Villages of Fontana and Williams Bay and the City of Lake Geneva.

Since 1975, the Agency has operated under a Uniform Resolution and By Laws signed by the sponsoring units of government. The resolution calls for the Agency to study the 5,262 acre Geneva Lake and its 13,045 acre watershed regarding its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, water quality, lake and land use; protective measures, recreation and resource related problems and to make recommendations to protect resources, improve living conditions and foster legislation to accomplish these recommendations. This program is implemented by one full time staff member and a college intern.

All too often, many of us take the quality of the lake and diversity of plant and animal life for granted. We seem to expect a healthy and diverse lake, clean and plentiful water to view, swim, fish, and boat in. A healthy Geneva Lake also increases tourism and property values, and is good for the local economy.

Not only is it critical to protect the lake today, but it is important to protect it so we can pass it down to future generations. If we do not take steps to ensure that the Geneva Lake's water quality remains suitable for these purposes, the excellent water quality we take for granted may vanish. The Agency is determined to maintain Geneva Lake's resources by protecting, preserving, and enhancing desirable lake and watershed quality.

The most important thing one can do is to 


  • Learn about how your daily routines affect Geneva Lake by obtaining a copy of the Geneva Lake Book. Realize that we are part of the problem and an integral part of the solution.

  • Encourage your family, neighbors, community, civic groups, and governments to protect water quality.

  • Contact the Agency or other water quality advocates who have the technical ability to help us help ourselves.

  • Do not take water quality for granted. Realize that water quality is strongly related to your enjoyment of the lake, property values and an important legacy to leave for future generations.


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